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Podcast Logo / Cover (2015)

Host-Writer-Producer: Baldo Villa



We are living in some pretty interesting times. There seem to be technological and scientific progress all around us but have we evolved as humans? Moral and political issues seem to rule the day and it might help if we take the time to think through the issues. That's where this podcast comes in. Modern Mayhem serves to shed some light on these topics through the use of reason, humour and critical thinking. Baldo enlightens the listener through application of philosophical theory and arguments to modern day issues. Open your mind to autonomous thinking - tune in!






My name is Baldemar Villarreal - but since we live in a fast paced world and life is short, I spared you from the trouble of trying to pronounce it correctly. You can call me Baldo. A little about myself: I teach Philosophy and Ethics and am a composer/producer on the side. I am also an avid fan of a wide range of sports and tune into politics (or lack thereof) on a daily basis. I have opinions on stuff. But, they are sourced from years of study and a loving pursuit for wisdom and knowledge, therefore I feel that this podcast is justified. Plus, I soundproofed the hell out of a room in my home and have a pretty good internet connection - I'm primed for podcasting. Cheers!


If you need to further investigate my credentials (like the skeptic you are) - follow these links:  


Curriculum Vitae  |  Online Resume


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