Baldo Villa is a Mexican-American songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and academic. Baldo is best known for his skillful fusion of ethnic genres with pop motifs. His dichotic approach to music (having an old world traditionalist feel with a new school progressive, production) allows for his aim of "balance" within his own cultures. Born Baldemar Villarreal Camacho in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila - Mexico, his family migrated to the U.S. following the graduation of Baldo's father from University. This ideal of higher education remained a tenant in Baldo's life, which eventually led him to earn a Bachelors and later a Master's degree in Applied Philosophy and Ethics from Texas State University, all while continuing practicing his craft of songwriting and production.

Baldo Villa's career in music could be traced back to his childhood days as a mariachi performer in San Antonio, TX. His first paying gig was around the age of 10, which is when he began to "pay his dues" playing every dance hall and VFW in the city, including moonlighting and freelancing on the famed Riverwalk. He continued playing mariachi throughout middle school, where he also joined concert & jazz band. As a freshman in high school Baldo Villa decided that marching band was not all that could fulfill his desire to perform music. He formed a rock band with his cousins for the high school talent show and the rest was history. After a standing ovation and first place trophy (not bad for a first performance) the band went on to perform around the city and the state in several nightclubs. The band, Muncy's Nurse, went on to record and release a full length album in 2007 which garnered much attention from fans and record labels of all sizes. Muncy's Nurse was to be kept indie and so was Baldo Villa's recording and production efforts. He went on to produce other projects in different genres to expand his musical styles.


During his days in Grad school, Baldo continued to search for other genres to soak up. He joined Texas State's award winning ensemble Salsa Del Rio as a bass player which resulted in a performance tour to South America. Upon his return from the trip below the equator, he was called up for a project that had a familiar ring to it. He was to perform mariachi music on television. He directed the mariachi ensemble that accompanied Mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz on NBC's America's Got Talent (Season 7). This project included 5 live performances to an estimated 11 million television viewers per performance - a first for this genre of music. Sebastien went on to fulfill his career as a singer, which has included performances at the NBA Finals in 2012 - and was even watched and "tweeted" by non other than President Barack Obama. Baldo Villa went on to produce Sebastien's debut EP in 2013, and a full-length in 2015. in 2017, Baldo helped Sebastien release "Nuestro Amor" with the Baldo original "Pobre Cancionero" as the leading single.

Recently, Baldo has produced music for collaborators Santo Boom and Celeste, with a series of singles like "Lo Perdi En Ti," "Aire Libre" and the latest release titled "Amor Especial."

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